★How To Make a Banner★

  • First, go to picmonkey.com. If you have an account, great! If not, you can make one or you can just edit for free.
  • Once you are in the editor, on the side there should be a butterfly, click it. This is an overlay.
  • Next, what you wanna do is add a background, so, in overlay, click “Your Own” once you do, it should bring you to your computer files.
  • If you copied your background file name, paste it, then resize it to fit the screen.
  • Once you do that, you can add your fantage edits, or whatever you want! Just click overlay then “Your Own”, just like the background!
  • Add your blog name! You don’t have to, but it is helpful!
  • Your done! Make whatever changes you want! Including extra text, different images, etc!