★How to Edit Fantage Eyes★

LAST UPDATED: February 9th, 2016


  • Find a good basic base online, it can be male or female. Make sure there is no hair, clothes, etc. Just the face. Then upload it to an art program.


  • Pick a basic palette on a DIFFERENT LAYER. Make sure they are similar colors, or, if you want, you can try to make it bizarre, nothing wrong with that.


  • Use a tool that selects a color, select the darkest color. Next, select a pen that creates pixels. Since I’m using Painttool.sai it’s the binary tool that I’m using. Then, color the darkest part of the eye with your darkest color, then the second darkest eye color with your second darkest eye color, etc.


  • Continue to color the eye. It should start to look like this.


  • Start to add highlights, and different things to make the eye more “you”. As you can see, I added highlights (white dots), I outlined the outside part of the eye with black and added a tiny eyelash.

After you complete these steps, you now have a perfect eye! Just repeat this with the other eye, then it’ll be finished!