★Free Non-Member Fantage Accounts★

LAST UPDATED: December 3rd, 2015

Are you tired of your Fantage account? Well, that’s okay because we have a list of awesome accounts here!

F – Female

M – Male

User: pinklicous11 (F)

Pass: mayoon1

User: angelxair (F)

Pass: angelair1

User: tinalong (F)

Pass: bird32

User: lilac777666 (F)

Pass: unicorns2

User: KarenBunny1 (F)

Pass: 408156

User: roseylicious9 (F)

Pass: sarahforeverball

User: Herro219 (M) >Thanks Herro219

Pass: derpderp1

User: unikitty1231 (F) >Thanks Isabella

Pass: heyitsme1

User: hailey4eva7 (F) >Thanks Jenny

Pass: voyager7

User: herro129 (M) >Thanks Herro219

Pass: derpderp1

If one doesn’t work, please contact us so we can remove it! Oh, and also, feel free to donate accounts, it will be greatly appreciated!


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