★Blogging Tips★

LAST UPDATED: December 13, 2015

I know I don’t have the most amazing blog, but these tips should help yours thrive!

  1. Use pictures. This attracts more people! Pictures are worth 1000 words! ❤
  2. Keep paragraphs short, nobody wants to read so many words! If you need to make it long, organize it and make it enjoyable.
  3. Use colorful text! Don’t know how? Click here! Don’t go overboard though!
  4. Listen to your readers! Give them what they want!
  5.  Be kind to your followers and readers! This makes you more likable!
  6. Be mature, but not too mature. Crack a joke once in a while, you don’t want your followers feeling like they’re reading a newspaper! No, no!
  7. It’s not about followers, AT ALL, it about helpfulness and fun! Don’t pay attention to your “hits” counter 24/7!
  8. DON’T COPY! This is my pet peeve. It’s okay (I think) if you don’t play Fantage often (like I do) then you can check the blogs you’re following to see what event is coming up. Don’t copy word-for-word though! Just get an idea of the event!
  9. Talk properly not like: OMG THAT IS TOTES FUNNI M8! LOL! You are blogging, not texting.
  10. Use proper grammar. It’s so annoying when people misspell something or has very poor grammar. It’s okay, you don’t have to have A+ in spelling/English, just try hard!

Have any more tips? Comment below!


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