★Fantage Dictionary★

LAST UPDATED: February 12th, 2016

In fantage they use abbreviations for literally everything. Honestly, I had to search what some of the abbreviations actually meant… Well, hopefully this page will help you out so you don’t have to Google things like me… xD


AFK – Away from keyboard

BRB – Be right back

BRT – Be right there

CYA – See you later, See ya.

GTG – Got to go

ILY – I love you

ILYT – I love you too

ILYSM – I love you so much

IMU – I miss you

IMUT – I miss you too

JK- Just kidding

LOL- Lots of love, lots of laughter, laughing out loud

LMAO- Laughing my a** off.

NP – No problem

OMG – Oh my gosh/God

PLC – Place

PLZ- Please

ROFL – Rolling on floor laughing

SMH – Shaking my head

SRRY – Sorry

TY – Thank you

WEBA – Welcome back

WB – Welcome back

YW – Your welcome

IHY: I hate you

BAE: Lover (or poo…)


xD – Overly excited, laughing

TnT – Very sad

o oi – Embarrassed, awkward

Q-Q – Sad, depressed

QoQ – Sad, depressed (open mouth)

ouo – Happy

owo – Happy

e ei: Same as o oi


One – One

Too, Tjoo – Two

Tree, Tjhrjee – Three

For, Fjor – Four

Fjiv – Five

Sjix – Six

Svn – Seven

Ate – Eight

Nin, Njne – Nine

IO (I and an O), Tjen – Ten

Any more abbreviations or faces that you want on here? Suggest in the comments! See you later!


17 thoughts on “★Fantage Dictionary★

  1. Jenny says:

    THIS IS OOOOO LALA I love dis blog and fantageous and fantagecarl and pillow thoughts etc etc etc lol MAH BLOG IS POOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOP oml that was a veyr long pooooop this was very helpful indeed YO DEFINTELY GOT DAT SHARL CRACK!

    Liked by 2 people

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