I got a 85 on my bio test I’m so blessed

Why am I stressed again?

My friends.

They’re too obsessed with this ship (read last post for more info), and I’m going through an emotional crisis

  1. Z now officially has a code name; something only people my friends actually pay attention to has. Z is now “The Wave” (???????????????)
  2. EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. Z, my friends, and I are in the same room, they’re all like “GET YOUR MAN” or “GO CATCH THE WAVE” and they over-analyze things
  3. They even took pictures of him during my health class
  4. I’m very conflicted tbh
  5. I don’t know if I like him or not
  6. I don’t get butterflies or whatever when I’m around him or anything
  7. But at the same time, whenever they ask me if I like him, I can’t deny it????
  8. I feel like i’m gonna embarrass myself in front of him
  9. But at the same time, I feel like that around everyone i’m not comfortable around
  10. I avoid the conversation if they talk about him, but I also kinda like it????
  11. He probably thinks I’m a creep tho lmao thx a lot fam

4 thoughts on “IM EVEN MORE STRESSED

  1. Anna says:

    if you like him, you should be able to explain why
    if not, it’s a case of hormones
    something i had to learn for myself when i was 12. never trust those raging hormones.


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