As you can tell from the title, I’M STRESSED!!!

SO, there’s this app called After School and it’s where you post anonymous messages about people. It’s like Yik Yak, basically. Anyways, there was a message about me (or I think it’s me because I’m pretty sure I’m the only one named Susan in my school) and apparently there’s someone who likes me, but they don’t know how to talk to me and hope I see the post.

Why am I stressed?

  1. WHO TF IS IT: As much as I try to be nice, I’m not gonna date someone I’m not physically attracted to. They could be the most handsome person but if I don’t find them good-looking, lmao no thanks
  2. MY FRIENDSSsSS: They ship me with someone (smh, so let’s call him Z. I showed them the post and they reached so far. One of my friends, let’s call her TT, asked the group who they shipped me with. Somehow they jumped from that to saying that TT said that Z was my “secret admirer.” (I don’t know how tf they jumped so far but okay). Then they jumped from that to saying that me and Z are dating ???? They could be trolling me bc there’s a possibilty that they wtote it bc no one else in my school know I exist lmao. But i don’t think they would do that tbh, the most they’ve done is call Z my “man” or my “husband”
  3. Family: lmao my family would kick me out if they found out I had a bf so I’d rather not date and have a roof over my head thx
  4. It’s probably fake: idk some of my friends say the posts on there are fake so

So, yes I am very stressed. Not to mention I have a bio test tomorrow and I don’t understand anything we’ve learned.


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