New Year’s Resolutions

Hey fam! Like everyone else on earth, I made a new year’s resolution and guess what?

I broke it on the first day of 2017 oops lmao

My new year’s resolution was to not stan more groups so I can focus on school instead of fangirling and wanting to die but I stanned a new group lmao

If you cared enough to read this post at all, you should care about who I stanned

INX is a 5 member group that debuted on August 2, 2016 with their song OhNa (Alright). The group is formed under NA Entertainment and consists of members SangHo, JunYong, BonKuk, JiNam and Win.

Y’all should stan if you’re into kpop/boy groups because they’re so underrated

I originally planned to stan them the day they debuted lmao it took me 5 months to actually take time out of my binge watching

If you actually read this, you deserve money lmao this post is so ugly


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