Comment Reactions

If y’all don’t have the great privilege of working on FMC, you can’t check the wonderful comments on here that are spam/pending.

Bc they’re all such reaction worthy, I’ll post them here 🙂

stop advertising you rat

I love when people advertise on your posts. *slowly claps*

jfc disgusting

Isn’t bestiality illegal?

Not to mention disgusting?

Isn’t it basically rape?

bc i can

bc i can 2

ofc i didn’t use my real email, lmao i used one of my spam emails

im about to snatch




Is this spammer calling me fat smh

I’m probably skinnier than you but ok


The only time I allow someone to say “dear” is when Maxon calls America that in the beginning of The Selection or “Dear _____,”

And what kind of nice knowledge?

How to remember names of kpop group members quickly?

How not to be a fake stan?

How to make my followers on Instagram be fucking active for once?

How to earn money to get to California?

How to convince your mom to let you go to California?

How to make non-trashy edits on Instagram?


spam comments are always fun to read, yall should look in your spam comments too 😉

Hope you guys liked this, even though most of you are dead/inactive xx



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