Star Crossed Myth: Gaming With Susan 🎉 Pt 2

i might as well continue this bc the story is actually kinda lit

and now im kinda in love bc i made this post and another literally right after i finished the first post oops pls help me

plus one of the stories has 5 free chapters ayye

free is my favorite deal 💘

if you havent read part 1, click here to read it

i have never loved an anime character so much in my life

well i want merch, money, to meet my faves, to go to california, and a nice life 😊



oh thanks i didnt know he looked away awkwardly

i agree, humans suck

this reminds me of a fanfic i read. one of the characters was a split personality and the author chose to kill him in the alternate ending, ruining my life. thankfully, it was an alternate endingg and not canon

and that was the prologue 👏🏻👏🏻

my thoughts so far:

  • dui is my bby dont hurt him
  • scorpio is my secret twin tbh
  • leon cocky af
  • why are these anime guys more attractive than the guys i know??? it’s not fair???

anyways, this wasnt as horrible as i thought it would be lol

stay tuned for part 3 where we play chapter 1 of dui’s story ayye 👏🏻


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