Flip Flop Fishy Incident

Hey, guys! A really bad and dangerous thing just happened to my fish! D:

So, la-la-la, Minty just decided to clean her fish’s bowl, so I do so, wiping the algae out from the sides of her bowl, I put her ornament back in and filtered her water. I scooped her in a cup, right before I cleaned it out, so it was time to put her back in. I placed the cup right above her bowl because I didn’t want any more dirty water getting back in her tank. I also liked to watch her jump in. Well, guess what she does this time?

Lands on my counter.

She’s flopping on my counter, I’m freaking out, but as I look at my hands I knew what I had to do. I scooped her up and dropped her in her bowl. She wasn’t moving and I was so scared. But apparently she’s “recovering” as stated by my dad.

Ah. Please wish my fishy Ace luck, please I’ve had her for the longest time. :/

Thanks for reading my dramatic post.



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