Insect Lover Since Day ONE!

It’s Minty! After like… 3 weeks? Well, I hope you enjoyed the other author’s  posts while I was away!

My dad turned off my WiFi. 😡

Anyways, today I’m going to blog about this girl from my school.


She’s like OBSESSED with bugs.  And from my POV and opinion, she gets quite annoying about it.

These guys that attend my school as well, got a plastic baggy filled with like, half a colony of ants that hang around the tree (they’re in the same colony because they aren’t killing each other) and labelled it “Ant Torture Chamber” and they put some ladybugs and spiders in too. She started to cry and pout when the ants tried to kill the ladybug and when they shook up the bag.

Insects to me, mean NOTHING. They are sick little creepy-crawlies who have NO rights. Now, I mean, I don’t kill them as soon as I see them, but if they’re in a building then, bye! She thinks they have rights however, and says they have brains. I don’t think insects have brains, just instincts and a heart.

What do you think?



17 thoughts on “Insect Lover Since Day ONE!

  1. ~ʍʍcʜαท~ says:

    I just hate people freaking out becuase of bugs. They’re the annoying ones.
    I kill bugs without a second thought, ONLY if they bug me (haha pun) (not funny)
    Why do people hate bugs so much anyway? They’re small, and generally don’t annoy you (eg flutter in your face, jump on you). They’re only worthy to hate (kill) when they annoy you.
    don’t hate them
    hate them only when they annoy you
    be neutral and peaceful after you’ve killed them
    don’t hold a grudge
    they’re living beings after all
    I’ve probably killed their whole family
    they probably hate me for that
    and I get it

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