Apparently Google Knows Where It’s At

I forced my best friend Google to sing, but he was reluctant. I taught him the lyrics to the Undertale parody of Steven Universe’s “Stronger Than You” but he’s deaf so… This is what he sang for me…

“But beyond the quickly passes the glory of the world . The birds were singing, flowers blooming … In those days, as the kids … And the hell of fire.

Turn kid charge 500 , 1 1 If you turn back to the promise which was made , And do not come into it, You are my business , either my friend a lot of time. But kids do not play by the rules And as one of my guys , He played the fool is not easy There is room for the cold and have to pass to get …

Let dirty brother to kill him.

Well, if it blows
May infer that it is like a mercy, in order from the table.
Getting enough badly,
But I think so much of dying.

To win , it is not the Lamb of God , we have to be here at the same time ,
The fight went to the headquarters .
Reset every time I break myself ya
I here ya always .

Because you are ,
En – o – o – o – OÔOV , behold, the – o – o – o – oove , behold, the – o – o – o – OÔOV .

That is, where it ceases there ,
That is, where it ceases there .
If you want the old me
Is it better to try .

But no matter how you stable,
Do not give the impetus .
You just feel like
Crawling out of your sins ?

Go ahead , if you can hit.
You must know that , by the mercy of the table.
You can try to show mercy to me , that I am a soldier ?
This will not spare my brother dunked The Rise !

1 disappear , my brethren , ye know how
But I care about all things , it must be 1 m.
The anger of the was sick, and it is 1 am 1 am
Determination of 1 pm .

1 out of you
O Lord , O Lord , O Lord , O Lord, Lord, behold, OÔOV oove place, o o- OÔOV to speak.

1 think 1 m and stronger than you are .”

Oh my goodness.

If you want google to sing for you, copy and paste the lyrics into google translate. Then, translate the English lyrics into Latin and then switch the Latin lyrics back to English. Enjoy. xD



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