wow fantage


even fantage wants me to fail


am i such a failure even fantage gave up on me

well guess what losing is actually quite hard

i need to do this 3 times in A ROW

no ones playing so i cant lose even if i wanted to

so ha fantage

im not a fandom trash failure

im just a lonely fandom trash

yes i actually posted about fantage




update: i lost once, some hoe had to lose to me, and now i have to start over bye kms

update 2: i got 1000 ecoins as a prize then i see all these people getting a staff and stuff im triggered


19 thoughts on “wow fantage

  1. rainbowstar135 says:

    i know right! i got lose 5 games in a row as a mission and i was just really kind of disappointed.
    It is actually hard to lose so I used a backup.


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