Sunday Suggestions: 5/8/2016

Woot! Today’s recommendation is…

TubeTycoon (FLASH GAME)

It’s a very fun Youtube Simulator that is still in development however, you must download it. I will guide you how to do so!


  1. Just type “TubeTycoon” in Google. Click on the first site.
  2. Scroll until you find a button that reads, “download now” click on it.
  3. A pop-up will appear that says, “pay with…” for example, just click, “no thanks, bring me to downloads” and it will redirect you from there.
  4. Just download the PC file and open it up when it is finished!


  1. Do the same steps until 3.
  2. Download Winebottler (Wine) if it isn’t already installed onto your computer.
  3. Now download the file and open it up.
  4. Drag in into application folder, I know it says programy, but that means program in Polish.
  5. Open up Winebottler and click on, “On my Mac” and then click on the avatar of the TubeTycoon, if it isn’t working, click reset beside the logo.


The only problem is with the game is that it is EVIL. I named my daily vlog, Car Crash Explosion…




I hope you actually enjoy the game! It is in beta but it is really fun so far! Mac development may be slower than PC so hold your horses if you own a Mac.


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