Suggestion Saturday: 5/7/2016

Hey there! I have a recommendation for you today!

Miitomo (APP)

A free app on IOS, however, I am not exactly sure about Android.

It is a social media site created by Nintendo, you can tell by the name, MIItomo.

I guess it is like Tomodachi Life because of the personality and voice you give to your Mii. It’s a new feature in their newer, Mii based games to create voice and personality, which is kind of cute!


This app asks you or your child questions about their friends, family, etc. Sometimes they can be specific, which I prefer NOT answering and some are just silly! “What is your favorite thing about cats?” for example.

I am a bit worried because I don’t want them creating questions that are super personal, but Nintendo could be a bit sneaky, as I don’t know their “company type” yet, I guess you could say.


Another big part of the game is QR codes, which you scan from the app! You may ask me how to do so in the comments if you wish.

(Psst, if you’re on mobile, hold down on the image above and scan him in!)

Scanning in QR codes allows you to access the miis in the game, which serves no purpose other than dressing them up.

However the biggest part of the game is…


Miitomo shares YOUR ANSWERS to “friends” on the app. It is an option to skip questions if you feel uncomfortable, and that is PERFECTLY okay and totally RECOMMENDED.

Just something to be aware of. This app is super cute and fun!

Here is a list of some things you can do:

  • Complete missions to earn coins.
  • Buy clothing pieces with coins.
  • Play “Plinko” to earn some costumes, shorts, shoes, etc.

But that’s pretty much it!

I hope you consider downloading this app! Stay tuned for my recommendation tomorrow!




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