omegle chats pt idk

welcome to another omegle post! in this one, i try to get band merch bc im a broke fangirl who needs band merch and snatch random weaves


You’re now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!

You: do u have money i want band merch

Stranger: yes

You: yasss

You: get me 5sos merch

You: and kpop

You: and 5h

Stranger: im rich

You: get me a plane ticket to korea

You: in fact get me 5

You: my friends need kpop merch

You: and to meet their faves

Stranger: im only 13

You: i just need ariana grande merch, 5sos merch, and 5h

Stranger: what’s your name

You: grace

You: im a big fangirl

You: oh yeah i need a bunch of tickets to cali too

Stranger: how i suppose to get that

You: go to the airport

You: and buy tickets from there

Stranger: i dont know u

You: lol u do know im not actually telling u to do it right?

Stranger: yes im not that rich either


You: do u have money i want band merch

Stranger: m

You: be my sugar daddy

You: get me merch

You: for 5sos

You: and kpop

Stranger: wtf


Stranger: hello im looking for dirty girl, have skype?

You: lmao pls calm ur whoremones


 so many people disconnected cri

all i want is some 5h, ariana, melanie, monsta x, and twice albums

im not even asking for much

like if u wanted my full wishlist, lololol you’ll be in -$132249328534953495734 debt lmao


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