Weird af dream

so lets call the people in the dream idiots

bc thats what they are

and i dont want to reveal their names in case they find it -shudders-




im at my old summer school, internally crying like usual when im in any school

im grouped with 2 idiots from my everyday school, one that is smart-ish and one that i honestly have no idea if he’s smart or dumb

for some reason we’re studying makeup ????

and we’e doing an experiment on makeup vs no makeup

being immature af, i say “not it” bc 1, idk how to use makeup, and 2, i dont really like makeup

then idiot #1 (the smart-ish one) also says not it, meaning idiot #2 has to wear makeup

here’s the thing, it’s a guy ????

so la da da da da something happens but i dont remember

then idiot 1 says something funny and i laugh

idiot 2 starts getting jealous

the entire class EXCEPT us disappears into thin air

then idiot 2 starts yelling at me saying “blah blah something i dont remember… i even put on makeup for you”

then he storms out of the room

then im back at my regular school again and im with my sorta kinda friend

we talk but i have to go do something

when im done, she disappeared, so i try to find her

i ask her best friend but she doesnt know where

i go up the stairs, get out of the stairway, and i see her and idiot 2 talking

apparently they’re done bc he goes the other way

my friend spots me and then she says i need to write down something

i dont have a pen so my other sorta kinda friend gives her blue and black pens

friend 1 starts writing on my arm with “good cause” with “917-something” underneath

she says “call the number”

and then i woke up


i am very confused i have no idea wtf this is supposed to mean

no i do not like idiot 2

even if i did i would never let myself accept it lmao


Feelings are 0/10 would not recommend


my dreaming life is basically a movie lmao im buying rights for this idea


you’re awesome if you somehow got down here <333 love youu


9 thoughts on “Weird af dream

  1. rainbowstar135 (food eating cookie) says:

    interesting. why would you not let yourself accept feelings. well they can be horrible at times, but it’s natural and you can’t control them…


  2. c a r l y says:

    my dreams are really weird but the thing is I usually forget them right after I wake up. (well you usually forget 90% of your dream the 10 minutes after you wake up so yeah) but I remember them being so weird and it just ASDHKLH that I can’t remember >_<
    and I'm crying at this part ↓
    "even if i did i would never let myself accept it lmao"

    Liked by 1 person

  3. fluffypuffypuff says:

    Dreams are so weird…nonsentical. 😛 But they are related of something you did during the day. So maybe you talked to idiot 1 or 2 and/or you saw someone with makeup, and for an unknown reason, you focused on that?


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