Let’s Take Back the Falls!


In the MST timezone (mine) the last Gravity Falls episode will air in ONE hour! EXPECT SPOILERS. xD

Just kidding. Anyways, I’m excited! I’m suspecting Stan will die because:

  1. He’s not on the Take Back the Falls flag.
  2. Every one of his wax figures (shaped like him) melted.
  3. He may be a thief but, he loves his “kids” and will help them no matter what.

I also think Soos will die but I don’t have enough evidence.

I think Dipper (Dopper, Tyrone, whatever floats your boat) may die as well. Why?

  1. In the trailer, Pacifica was crying, she only cares about Dipper, right? She wouldn’t cry for Soos or for Stan.


Anyways, what are your opinions or thoughts?



18 thoughts on “Let’s Take Back the Falls!

  1. skybudgie9303 says:

    Omg I was talking to my mom and I was like
    “So, Gravity Falls is ending. (insert sob) I wonder if they’re making a spin-off series?”
    And she was like
    “I know that pig has a future.”
    And I was like
    “You mean Waddles?”
    And she was like
    “Yes. He will have his own television series. ‘The Adventures of Waddles the Pig'”

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