Pros & Cons: The Cruise & Chez Fantage

Pros & Cons

Did anyone actually notice Chez Fantage has been remodeled slightly?  As in, they made the space bigger so you have to use the arrows, and they removed the bottom door?

Sorry I’ve been slowing down on these. 😉  I’ll try my best to keep posting!


  • Fun place to hang out
  • Nice sunset (not for the use of baes)
  • Games (Jelly Shuffle + Chez Fantage)
  • Scenery/Theme (the dock actually looks like a cruise ship)
  • Not many people go here (that can honestly be a pro or a con)
  • Sometimes Fantagian-made events are held here (parties, hangouts, concerts, etc.)
  • Chez Fantage is nicely decorated.
  • It includes an activity and a badge with a decent 20 levels for nons and 50 for members. 😉
  • It really does give off that “cruise” vibe.


  • You used to be able to access it straight from the map (now you have to go to the beach first then to the boat)
  • Not many people go here (that can honestly be a pro or a con)
  • There’s not much to do aside from Chez Fantage and Jelly Shuffle
  • There’s the possibility of the cruise sailing off of Fantage, so you’re risking your pixelated life, yo.
  • There aren’t safety signs for the pool, I mean, someone could drown. xD
  • Not many people visit Chez Fantage (so it’s harder to level up unless you use another account)
  • You can’t stalk see people’s ID Fones.
  • There’s only 5 tables. (Idk why that’s a con lol)
  • You often find couples there. xP


  1. Man, you gotta protect the kids and civilians from another event like the Titanic. (lol jk jk)
  2. Make more floors! (maybe a secret one ;P)
  3. More games?

Sayonara! ~chbannabeth1♥

P.S. Any ideas for more Pros & Cons?  I’ll give you and your blog a shoutout! 🙂


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