Crying Right Now…

So, I wanted a cat. Now, there was this ad on Kijiji for 3 kittens. I wanted one right? So, the owner said that one was sold. The only ones that were left were the tailless ones. One of them has problems with her legs. His daughter was coming, and I KNEW FOR A FACT, she would take the “healthy” one, and she did. Now, I had no problem taking care of the “problem” cat. But my parents of course said no. I feel awful because, the owner will put her up for adoption, nobody will want the broken cat, then, oops, the FIVE WEEK OLD KITTEN WILL BE PUT DOWN. Is it wrong to be praying for an animal?



6 thoughts on “Crying Right Now…

  1. claire566 says:

    It is not wrong to be praying because animals make us humans happier 🙂 I would love to adopt that cat but my parents are gonna be like “where are u gonna put it”

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