Pros & Cons

Pros & Cons

So, I hadn’t noticed until recently, but thanks Sarah for telling me that Fantage has removed the ability to say “whun”.  Yes, I’m probably late on this information, but let’s get started! xD


  • Finally, they got rid of that word. (It honestly didn’t make sense to me because “whun” doesn’t even mean anything, does it? (Maybe it’s like, “Will you be the One?”)
  • Bae means “poop” in Danish, so if you want to, you can think of it as everyone calling each other poop lmao.
  • People who don’t know about this change won’t be able to say, “Will you be my whun?” xP
  • If Fantage can take away the ability to say “whun” then there’s a possibility they can take away the word “bae” as well.


  • Now everyone’s replacing “whun” with “bae” which is quite annoying because the only baes you can have in life are food, anime, and k-pop lol.
  • I think bae is a weird word too.  o.o  I mean, if you’re gonna “date” why not just call everyone your gf or bf?  Why bae?
  • Bae just means “before all else” so… you don’t really love this pixelated avatar more than you love your computer, do you? Mwuahaha
  • For some reason, I see “bae” as even more intense of a love word because… it’s an actual word that can refer to love… whereas “whun” was just a Fantage thing.


  1. Just.  Get.  Rid.  Of.  All.  Romance.  And.  Dating.  Related.  Words.  From.  Fantage.  Filters.  Please. XD
  2. If ALL romance and dating-related words are off-limits on Fantage, then there’s no more inappropriate terms for children (yes, I think children still play Fantage) to corrupt their minds.

This was a… uhm… an interesting topic of discussion.  Tell me in the comments your opinions on this removal of the word “whun” from Fantage.  Honestly, I don’t think taking away the word “whun” solved anything.  xD

Sayonara! ~chbannabeth1♥


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