Pros & Cons: Hall of Fame Rankings (Pros and Legends)

Pros & Cons

Ya know, the second and third floors at the Hall of Fame?


  • Shows other Fantagians’ rankings other than top 10.
  • Has lots of ranking spaces (not just 10)
  • Nice looking rooms
  • You get a medal for being on the list.


  • I think it’s only for premium members.
  • Sometimes the rankings get messed up (When I was a member, I had level 1700+ and I looked around and there were lots of people below my level but I never saw myself, nor did I get the medal).
  • There aren’t non-member rankings… ever.
  • I feel like not many people visit those floors… forever unnoticed.


  1. Make a non-members ranking room.
  2. It would be cool if you could redecorate ALL the Hall of Fame rooms.
  3. Please make sure you get the rankings correct.

Sayonara! ~chbannabeth1♥


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