My Friends React to Fantage Outfits [INSPIRED BY CLOUD]


Fantage Spy

This post was inspired by Fantage Spy, where a post was already made about Cloud82’s friends’ reactions to outfits people were wearing on Fantage. XD

I thought it was pretty hilarious so I decided to show my friends around Fantage and see what they thought of some of the outfits people wore.

I’ll put in my friends’ names because it’s no harm anyway.

First Victim: Cayden

(By the way, when I entered MyMall to find outfits, Cayden thought it was a huge Barbie dream house or whatever)

Skit - Friends React to Fantage 1

Cayden: “What’s on her mouth? Did she just drink milk or something? She looks like she’s doing the potty dance. What is she holding? ARE THOSE TIGHTY WHITIES? And why is she standing on a farting stick?”

Me: (just laughing the whole time)

Skit - Friends React to Fantage 2

Cayden: “I swear these girls doing the potty dance are everywhere. Then again, what is she holding? Is it -”
Me: “It’s…

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