Pros & Cons: Find da Whun

Pros & Cons

This sounds like it will be interesting.  Sorry, I’ll try not to make this biased lol.


  • Well, not everyone goes there to become whuns, so you can probably find just some fun people to hang out with.  Here‘s what happened when I did that.
  • I guess you could find that significant other?? (Although it’s pixels).
  • They usually turn into hangouts rather so most people just fool around.
  • You can dress like a “newb” and totally scare people when you change.
  • You can try confusing people by hitting on everyone lmao.
  • #SocialExperiments


  • This is a kid’s website, and I don’t think there should be any form of dating between pixels, you never know who’s behind the screen.
  • Sometimes the “whuns” you find never log back on afterwards or straight up dump you for the fun of it.
  • If you get tricked by one of those pranksters/social experimenters… that’s your problem lmao.
  • Most of the people there are either “newbs” who have no idea what’s going on or the logistics of having a boyfriend behind a screen, when you never see their face nor do you know their real personality, or people who are only there for the fun of it.
  • Honestly, the whole concept of going to a pixeled party to find a boyfriend… eh, seems quite wrong, to be frank.
  • Lol, it could be a trick and the host can kick you all out.  This, I find to be quite funny, but I guess if you actually were there to find a whun, you’d be quite annoyed.  😛


  1. Just, please, know the risks of dating pixels, someone behind a screen you don’t know.
  2. If they break your heart, don’t cry, it’s pixels, and you never knew the person anyways.

So, no offence to those of you who have whuns on Fantage.  I tried not to make this post biased which didn’t really work but those are just my pros & cons on whun tryouts, not whuns; although I don’t think there should be whuns on Fantage anyways… FUNNY STORY BELOW read at your own risk.

So, when I was a newb on Fantage.  Yes, I was really stupid and just wanted to “fit in” with all the popular people in Fantage having whuns.  (Ok, I was STUPID back then, don’t judge, lmao, I’m writing this to give you a laugh, not for you to judge my weirdness.)  So I was dressed like uhm this:

Screenshot (280)

Screenshot (281)

Without the title plate

And while taking these photos:

Screenshot (282)

A hobo appeared

ANYWAYS, so I had like 2 different whuns at two different times.  The first one I met in Zach’s Theatre (when it was still there) and I was dressed absolutely awesome with the wardrobe feature.  When we left, he literally deleted me cuz I didn’t actually have the items in the wardrobe.  Well look at meh now, sucka!! Jk, jk, I don’t really care anyways.  😛  And the second one I met was at Star Cafe and he was really nice.  He thought I was pretty but damn, it’s just pixels. o.o and eventually stopped coming on completely.  So, no more whuns for me, lmao.  Not that I want one.  Psh.  I’ve long learned my lesson and have become an educated Fantagian in which I swear to never get in any stupid online relationships made of pixels.  I hope y’all learned your lesson as well, lmao.  Sorry if this offended anyone in any way.

So you got a Pros & Cons post as well as a silly background story on me.  XD  Please no hate, lmao. (I said lmao too much in this post tbh.)  This was all in good fun, have a great night!

Sayonara! ~chbannabeth1♥

Update: SHIZZZZZ while I was still dressed as the second photo, this guy randomly added me.  O_O  It’s the same outfit the second whun added me for.  LMFAO why do the guys like this outfit SOO much??  Well, if you’re looking for a whun, just wear the second outfit LOL.


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