Starting a NEWSPAPER!

It’ll showcase:

  • Latest fashions!
  • Cool edits!
  • Stories from people I interviewed!

It’ll be awesome!

Please do not copy what I’m putting into the newspaper…

I’m going to call my newspaper…

Fantagian Daily! 😀


Psst… Send in your creations to fantagemintcandy@hotmail.com!



26 thoughts on “EXCITING NEWS!

  1. rainbowstar135 says:

    wow, can i join! I’m doing a magazine 🙂
    maybe we could collaborate
    i started the magazine like a long time ago and articles are closed now, but we could probably fit in each others stuff! 😀

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  2. Owaysis says:

    Oh and just so you know, yesterday I started planning a fashion mag (just Fantage Fashion) and already made edits. But I’m not releasing until February because everything is Valentine’s Day related. 🙂 I just want to let you know now so there’s no confusion. ^w^

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  3. talltall9 says:

    Lol I’ve already created a newsletter kind of thing 🙂 also I’ll send in my first ever recolour. I also suggest maybe like song of the week or something? 🙂

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