Pros & Cons: Island Resort

Pros & Cons

Does anyone even go in there anyways?


  • It looks nice and colorful.
  • It has a relaxing theme to it.
  • There’s a game to play, which isn’t too hard.
  • Maybe a fun place to hang out with friends.
  • Love that Hawaiian vibe. 😉


  • There’s no upstairs. -.- They deceive me.
  • I feel like there should be more activities and an upstairs.
  • It’s a little underrated, because I don’t think many people go there.


  1. Make an upstairs and more rooms. (Like MyMall, but the rooms should vary slightly in appearance. ;D)  It is a hotel, after all.
  2. More activities, such as working as a room-keeper or something room-keeper is a bad idea but first thing that came to mind so that you can earn badges, like at Chez Fantage.

Sayonara! ~chbannabeth1♥


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