Pros & Cons: Popular Items

Hey, it’s been a while!  Hopefully I can post more with my free time, and hopefully I won’t be too lazy!  I apologize if I’m doing the same topics over again because I’ve lost count.

Pros & Cons

Ya know, the popular CC, BB, Frisky hairs, and many other popular items?


  • They’re cute – that’s why they’re popular.
  • They’re pretty stylish – also why they’re popular.
  • You can sell them for quite a lot.
  • I guess it bumps up your Fantage reputation? not that it matters
  • Lots of the popular items are limited items, so if you’re trying to be #1 Trendsetter, there ya go.


  • I honestly think they’re overrated.
  • They are way too much to pay for. (^Overrated)
  • EVERYONE wants them, so there’s not much originality when styling it.
  • People go way too far to even scam others of their pixels items, which is obviously just wrong.
  • When you wear lots of popular items, you’re basically a target for scammers.
  • With everyone wearing the “popular stuff,” nobody pays attention to the other awesome Fantage items.


  1. Quit overrating these items, they’re just as good as the rest.
  2. Stop obsessing over these items so as to steal from people.

Sayonara! ~chbannabeth1♥


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