Why Does Justin Bieber Stink?


You know this famous Canadian, right? Well, he is like any other celebrity. They stink. Well, not completely, sometimes they’re good, but Justin Bieber is mostly bad. They all have their downsides, so, today I’m going to post what’s bad about him.

  1. He got arrested like 5 times.
  2. His voice sounds like a dying goat.
  3. He dances like a watermelon.
  4. His hairstyle reeks. Almost as bad as the Weeknd’s hairstyle.

Only four things? Wow, pretty impressive.

Do you guys want more of Why Celebrities Stink? If yes, please suggest some celebrities below.



33 thoughts on “Why Does Justin Bieber Stink?

  1. AnnaArso says:

    Fame, popularity, and money gets to people. You, me, and everyone else in the entire world.
    Moral of the story: don’t marry a rich and famous boy o k


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