Q&A Time w/ Minty!

You guys asked the questions, time to answer the answers!

Are you satisfied with yourself?

Nope. //hides face

Are you satisfied with your blog?

Sorta. I could do better.

Are you satisfied with your life?

Nope. Not at ALL.

Are these questions satisfying?


Do you feel satisfied from answering satisfying questions about being satisfied?

Yeah actually. xD

What’s your name?

Jade or Hailee. 😛

Dream vacation?

Disneyland/world, I’ve never been since I have 3 siblings.

Favourite type of scent?

Gasoline. xD

Favourite body store? (ex: bath and body works)

Bath and body works. xD

Favourite shoe brand?


Headphones or Earbuds?


iPhone or Samsung Galaxy?

iPhone! I own an iPhone 4, shush, I’m classy.

Music or Desserts?


Fruits or Vegetables?

Veggies! Fruits are too watery.

Cats or Dogs?

Hmm… I can’t pick. Dogs are more loyal…

Music or Blogging?

Blogging, my life is a mess without you guys. xP

Will you answer this question?


What do you think of poutine?

I’m Canadian, so I love it, eh?

What’s your dream boyfriend?

A cute, caring, sensitive guy. xD

What is a question?

I don’t know… What IS a question?

Can I ask a question?

Yes. Anytime. xD

What’s your biggest fear?

Oh. Well. Spiders, dark and dolls. xD

What was the biggest lie you told?

I’ve never told a lie… //guilty face

Just kidding um…

One time, my brother asked where my secret stash of candy was, and I said I ate it all, when truly, it was in my closet. Devious Minty.

So, that wraps up this Q&A! You can ask questions anytime. Oh and, one more thing, I’m hiring on my other blog, go check it out!



15 thoughts on “Q&A Time w/ Minty!

  1. AnnaArso says:

    You did the Q and A wrong.
    Your answer to everything should have been Vaseline.
    And gasoline, that rhymes with Vaseline, should be an illegal word because no bean should rhyme with Vaseline.

    Liked by 2 people

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