Pros & Cons: Fantage Comet

Pros & Cons

Ya know, that newspaper thingy?  Ok, so I haven’t posted in a while and I deeply apologize to y’all.  And I especially apologize to Minty, sorry for slacking off.  Let’s get to it, and I’ll talk more at the bottom of this post! 😛


  • Medals (Writing, featured pictures, art, comic strip)
  • Friendly competition
  • Updates on events
  • Weekly Featured Member
  • Quick and easy instructions on contest submission
  • Fun Stuff


  • Some of the medals are for members only
  • I feel like some of the featured pictures aren’t that good, no offence, and that everything is just chosen by a randomizer or something.
  • Not everyone looks in the Comet
  • The News is what’s for giving us updates, so there’s no need to look at Comet for event updates.
  • I’ve noticed that the Weekly Featured Member is always someone who’s been playing since 2010 or before. -.-
  • Again, not a lot of people read the Comet, so there’s no point in having “Fun Stuff” that people probably won’t use.


  • Make the Comet more noticable.
  • Add more competitions and themes for each competition.
  • Feature members who aren’t just from 2010 or earlier.
  • Get your players’ suggestions on how to improve your newspaper.

Ok, so hope you liked this.  I think sometime soon, I’m going to start making a whole bunch of these Pros & Cons and just save them as drafts so I can quickly publish them when they’re supposed to be published.  It’s less time-consuming, and in my opinion, easier.  🙂

Sayonara! ~chbannabeth1♥


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