Pros & Cons: Membership

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This is a pretty basic concept, we all know what membership is.  So here are the pros and cons.  Having been a member in the past, you’ll have some first-hand experience opinions. XD (Suggested by colorfulshadows


  • Access to VIP Lounge (located in Top Models)
  • Free rentals on clothes from PM Boutique (The only up-side is the retired items)
  • Monthly Premium Gift
  • You can buy items with stars, including limited items/Wearing starred items
  • Free searches in MyMall
  • More Badges/Higher Levels/Easier to Level
  • Lots of Discounts (If you’re a member and you purchase separate gold/ecoins, you get twice as much.)
  • Free monthly Q-blast power-ups (If you play Q-blast)
  • Spa
  • Hair Recoloring


  • Honestly, I don’t think the VIP Lounge is all that special (The wardrobe is also in photo booth, and the outfit ranking isn’t really too helpful in terms of numerical score.)
  • Items in PM Boutique are basically from Le Shop and Stellar Salon, which can be easily purchased with stars and is for keeps)
  • Once you’re a non-member, you can’t wear those items, so it’s not much use if everything is starred.
  • Hair Recoloring doesn’t always have the colors you would want.
  • Fantage is highly gold-based, and you can even keep items bought with gold, so I’d say gold is more valuable than membership.
  • Membership is a little expensive, or at least in my opinion.
  • I feel like membership just isn’t really an “eight-dollars-worth” or whatever time-span payment

Ok, so no offence to those of you who pay for membership and all that.  If you love Fantage, great!  Go ahead and buy membership!  But if you’re like me and you only spend a few minutes at a time on Fantage and you don’t even use the privileges (such as the VIP Lounge, Spa, PM Boutique, and Hair Recoloring), then you might as well use that money for a ton of gold instead.  (Of course, you get 2x as much gold with membership, but think: is membership really that much better than being a non-member with good items?)  Anyways, yeah, there’s a few more benefits to members than non-members, but I don’t really wanna pay money for half the privileges to not be used… :\ If you’re fully using all of your privileges, then don’t even mind me.

Ok, I know this was long and a bit biased, but taken from someone who has had membership, just make sure you feel that you’re spending your money right. 😉  Nothing against members or anything.  ❤

Sayonara! ~chbannabeth1♥

Signature By Yuki Bae

P.S. Thanks Yuki for the Signature!  I love it! 😀

And yes, I’m going to start advertising the person who gives me suggestions that’s how desperate I am for ideas XD


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