Hey guys im back!After having like a week of an existential crisis!WOOP DEPRESSION IS FUN!(mainly i had vacation WITH NO WIFI)

Anywho i wanted to post an update thing! basically show you what i have done in the past break.(not that much tbh)

Song Fav!:

Mad hatter by melanie martinez!(of course!)


Pacify her by melanie martinez.

Movie Favs:

Silence of lambs


The shining

i saw these yesterday and i LOVED them!

Youtube video of the week:

one of those!

Im camping amazingphils channel FOR PINOF7!TOMORROW AT 8 YAY!

*fangirls to death*


So some edits i made:

new signature

haha many meme much terrible!


this edit literally took me two minutes.

How was your break everyone?Mine was great i lived in this big house for 3 had a great lake view.for like two days because it started raining!And my car got stuck in mud.still fun!

anyways bye~

new signature

(i like this signature)



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