Pros & Cons: Photo Booth

Pros & Cons

You all know the photo booth on the Island, right?  Here’s some pros & cons.


  • The wardrobe is nice feature with all the items on Fantage.
  •  Sometimes you can even get a sneak peak of the items for the next month.
  • This is for members AND non-members.
  • It’s a fun place to hang out with friends (I know a lot of people hang out in the BFF room).
  • Some of the rooms are quieter so if you just want to look at the clothes, you can go to the empty rooms.
  • The people who hang out there are usually sociable.
  • Look FABU.


  • It’s really time-consuming when you look through the wardrobe if you don’t know where things are.
  • Sometimes current event items aren’t updated (such as the items of this event > they aren’t in the wardrobe yet)
  • When you leave, it usually takes off your accessories and title plate.
  • Sometimes the items don’t show up (such as if you wanted to take a picture twinning with someone and their items showed up on their screen but not on yours or vice versa).
  • The rooms are old, and (in my opinion) are getting boring.
  • There’s only one location (and I think it’s placed where I probably wouldn’t find it unless someone told me).


  1. Make multiple ways to search for items (color, accessories, etc.)
  2. Update, update, update!
  3. Make more rooms so there’s more variety and so it doesn’t get boring after a while.
  4. Place multiple photo booths around Fantage in places where they can be easily found.

That’s pretty much it.  There wasn’t much for me to say on this topic so sorry it’s kind of short.  I forgot to do yesterday’s Pros & Cons (didn’t I say I might to this every other day at some points?), and I think I’m gonna do tomorrow’s also, since I’ll be out of town for America’s Thanksgiving.

Sayonara! ~chbannabeth1♥

P.S. Is it okay if I don’t do this EVERYDAY like I put in the picture/description, or do you want me to do it every day and I’ll change the pic. (Leave comments below, and based on majority, I might do the one I missed yesterday.)


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