Pros & Cons: Recolored Items

Pros & Cons

By this, I don’t mean editing recoloring, I mean Fantage recoloring their limited items.  I’m not sure what you’re opinions will be on this subject, so go ahead and comment below!


  • Some of the items turn out pretty good in terms of recoloring, such as both Basketball Hairs (in my opinion).
  • It gives a greater variety of items to wear so not everyone has the same hair color.
  • With different colors, you can match the hairstyle with different items.
  • For members, you can also use the hair dye thing in your inventory to get an even greater variety of hair colors. (I might make a post on this feature in the future.)


  • It doesn’t show much originality, sorry Fantage, the items might look good, but where’s the creativity if you’re just taking an item and changing the color, not even making other minor changes?
  • Some of the items recolored are just bad.  For example, the Lucky Bot hairs, I don’t particularly like the way they recolored the items, or the color scheme just doesn’t fit the way the hair is styled, if ya know what I mean.
  • Most of the decent recolored items only have 2 versions (the original and the recolored), so the items that look good recolored are few and the ones that aren’t so great are many. xP

I guess there’s not much to say on this topic, but here are my opinions on Fantage’s recoloring.  There might be more, but I had a brain fart and can’t think of much else at the moment. XD

Sayonara! ~chbannabeth1♥


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