Pros & Cons: Limited Buddy List

Pros & Cons

This should be interesting… you know how you can only have 200 buddies on Fantage?  Sorry, this might be kinda short.  Oh, and by the way, I think I forgot to do this yesterday and possibly the day before so I’ll be doing two today! 🙂


  • It prevents your buddy list from getting too long and hard to navigate (for example: nobody wants to have 1,500 buddies, that would just be confusing)
  • You can still add quite a lot of Fantagians (200 is kinda a lot)
  • I guess if your list gets full and you look to “clean it out” (I know it’s rude to delete people, but honestly who doesn’t delete someone just to clear a space every once in a while?) And when you look, you might find total strangers you just randomly said yes to even though they never come on and never talk to you.
  • Once your list is full with people you know and like, strangers can’t randomly add you.


  • Nobody likes having a full list, especially if there’s someone you want to add but there’s no room and you don’t want to delete everyone.
  • It’s hard to delete people, even if they’re strangers.
  • I dunno ’bout you, but my buddy list gets crammed with people’s back-up accounts and random strangers.
  • Once your list is full, even requests don’t show up, so if someone really cool that you enjoy hanging around tries to buddy request you but they have to go and your list is full, you might never see them again. o.o Dark.


  1. Don’t add people you haven’t even talked to, for example, a girl comes up to you, adds you, then goes poof (probably logged off)… do you think that’s nice?  Ok, they might be shy… but it’s a virtual world… -.-
  2. Maybe Fantage should make the buddy list a little bit bigger?
  3. Don’t be afraid to delete total strangers.  (Such as someone who added you, went poof, never came back again, and never talked to you; is that really someone who you want to simply take up space on your list?

Okay, sorry if this post might have offended people with the whole, “Don’t be afraid to delete people,” thing, but I speak the truth: this is a virtual world with people you don’t even know, much less people who don’t have the courage to at least say hi.  Ya know? You want to get to know people better before calling them a friend, right?  Anyways, I’ll make another post in a few minutes, bye!

Sayonara! ~chbannabeth1♥


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