Pros & Cons: Fantage Clubhouse

Pros & Cons

This is about the Clubhouse, particularly the Fantage club room… Let’s see….


  • The edits are really nice.
  • The conversations are… interesting… sorta entertaining?
  • The challenges and dares are cool.
  • Very… social?


  • THE DRAMA! Ok, people, sometimes it’s interesting, but most of the time the drama is just annoying… can y’all stop with the insults and stuff?
  • ATTENTION GETTERS… geez, it’s ok to post, but I don’t want to be spammed with “10000000 likes and you get a really rare Fantagian account or 1000000 gold” Like seriously… this is just plain stupid and annoying.
  • UNRELATED POSTS There are way too many posts that don’t even belong in that club… And as much as I like anime, it belongs in the Anime club.  People just don’t know how to read.
  • THE FILTERING SYSTEM Not just for Fantage club room, but for all of them.  They don’t even filter the posts so there’s quite a bit of profanity n stuff. (And if it’s not gonna be filtered, might as well upload it immediately… like my drawings *wink wonk*… ok no, but seriously, make a real filter.. -.-
  • RELIGION Ok ok, you have your own beliefs and stuff, but PLEASE just don’t put them in posts… Religion is a real life thing, not meant for virtual games such as Fantage… there are people all over the world who have different religions or don’t have a religion at all.  We don’t need to hear about it, it’s highly offensive.. and what’s the  word… insulting? Naw. Anyways, just don’t post about religion on Fantage.


  1. Quit making drama and insulting people. Just ignore them if you have to.
  2. Post things in the right clubs, and don’t post about religion.  You could seriously upset people… or just annoy them.
  3. Stop posting useless things just to get likes.  We all know you’re not gonna give 10000000 gold or a rare member account away. -_-
  4. Fantage, fix your filters.
  5. Lots more things that I wouldn’t say otherwise I’ll be immensely hated.

Seriously though, this club house cannot be saved from the chaos.  Honest.  So whether you hate me or not after this post, comment your opinions below or what I should do for my next Pros &  Cons.

Sayonara! ~chbannabeth1♥


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