Pros & Cons: Hall of Fame (Trendsetters)

Pros & Cons

Here’s the pros and cons to the HOF trendsetters’ list!


  • Ranks everyone, including non members.
  • Gives options to buy some luxury items that are not in stores.
  • Provide a quick shortcut to luxury items that are in stores.
  • Shows a list of most of the limited items (maybe it’s all, I decided not to count to determine whether they had all 3,000+ items)


  • Not all items can be purchased.
  • Some items are a bit expensive/overpriced.
  • Doesn’t show release dates for lims (my honest opinion to make it easier to find in changing rooms xP)
  • You can’t buy the item twice, as in one for yourself and one for MyMall.


  1. Possibly make two separate lists for non members and members because premium members have the advantage of buying more items with stars.
  2. Make the items cheaper because it’s not easy to get 3,000 ecoins in one go.

Well, there wasn’t really much for me to say on this topic, but as always, leave your opinion in the comments and tell me what I should do next!

Sayonara! ~chbannabeth1♥


6 thoughts on “Pros & Cons: Hall of Fame (Trendsetters)

  1. rainbowstar135 says:

    Fantage clubhouse would be interesting…. Chat options? By that I mean like the emoji packs and the safe chat. Idk, the pros and cons are really interesting! Keep doing them! 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

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