Pros & Cons: eCoins

Pros & Cons

As we all know, eCoins are a virtual currency of Fantage used to buy items in Fantage.


  • Non-members can obtain them easily by watching ads.
  • They can be earned from Lucky Bot (It’s relatively easy to earn 900-1,000 with every few coupons).
  • They’re part of daily gifts.
  • They can be used to buy clothes, boards, houses, furniture, and gems.
  • With eCoins, people pretty much couldn’t get scammed… I think.


  • Premium members cannot get eCoins by watching ads.
  • They’re nearly useless since gold basically replaced its use.
  • You can’t use them in MyMall or to buy Limited Items.
  • The new shop items are overpriced and take about 3,000 eCoins for each item…
  • They cannot be converted to gold but can be converted from gold (which I think is pretty useless seeing as everyone values precious gold over eCoins)


  1. If eCoins can hardly be used because items are too expensive or cannot even be purchased with them, then there’s no point and the currency should just be taken out.
  2. If you ARE going to find a use for eCoins, then add it in asap… or bring Vintage Gold back or something like that.
  3. Make limited items available for purchase via eCoin currency, otherwise they’re useless, and as previously stated, should be removed entirely.

That’s all for now! Maybe the next post will be about the Pros & Cons of gold… so you can compare it to this post. ;P Anyways, as always, leave your opinions on this subject in the comments below!

Sayonara! ~chbannabeth1♥


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