Pros & Cons: Pm Boutique

Pros & Cons

Ok, so the PM Boutique is located in Uptown and is used for premium members to rent out items, the amount depends on the duration of your membership.  They also have a daily contest for best fashion related to the daily theme, determined by votes.


  • The setting is nice and clean.
  • The contests are fun little competitions.
  • You get medals for getting 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place in a contest.
  • Fantagians get to vote on best fashion (They don’t know the contestant’s names so votes can’t be biast..)
  • It gives members items to wear outside of the VIP or Photo Booth wardrobe without having to pay.


  • There aren’t really any benefits for non-members.
  • People with better items (i.e. MyMall people), which are usually members, not to be stereotypical, usually win.
  • Nons cannot get items for free.
  • The items are generally things from Le Shop and Stellar Salon, which members can generally get with easily-earned stars.
  • The themes are repetitive, so at a certain point, it gets boring.
  • There are already enough contest-like games that compare others’ fashion.


  • I would rather PM Boutique not have replaced Vintage Gold, because that store somewhat had items for both members and non-members to purchase.
  • Give more benefits to non members (although I guess that’s why it’s called the PM Boutique)…
  • Create some new themes! These are getting boring…
  • Add more items to rent out! The current items can be easily bought elsewhere.

That’s all for today! Tell me if you agree, disagree, or have more to add on! I love to hear your opinions! And what should I do for my next Pros & Cons post? Thanks, bye!

Sayonara! ~chbannabeth1♥


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