Thank You Message!

SERIOUSLY? WOW! I love when I get notifications like these because I realize you guys actually care! I have had so many views but then there’s you guys, the ones that followed, liked my posts, read them, comment, it just makes me SO happy!

80 followers is a number only I could dream from the start. Bigger bloggers will think this is nothing, but, to me this is.

I’ve dreamed of going on fantage and then someone stops and asks “Hey, you run Fantage Mint Candy?” and I could be like, “Yeah, I do!” but only I could dream like that.

I’ve also dreamed of being a “blogging sensation” but, these are HUGE goals and I only have 80 followers. 80 of you guys. 80 friends. You’re not my “followers” you’re my family. My internet family. I wouldn’t wish you guys away.

Thanks for taking time to read my little appreciation note! ❤

Stay strong, I love all of you! ❤



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