Steven Universe Fan Fiction!

The rain poured throughout Beach City. Steven was awake, in bed, thinking about his mother, Rose Quartz. Steven didn´t know too much about her since Greg would never mention her after her disappearance. He just wanted to know more. CRASH. Steven jumped out of bed. He looked around. He didn´t notice anything but a broken ceiling. “Oh no. Someones in MY room. Oh no. Oh no.” Steven panicked trying the make his gem work, “Why don´t you work when I want you to!” Steven screamed. He was terrified. He heard clomping coming up the stairs. He panicked even more. He tried to hide. Nobody knew who was there. Not Steven, not Garnet, not Amethyst and not Pearl either. He just hoped whoever was there didn´t hurt him.

Whoever was running up the stairs was outside his room. He bit his fingernails. The nob was turning. The door burst open, Steven hit the ground. He heard steps coming closer to him. “I´ve been expecting you.” The voice said. It sounded awfully familiar to Steven. He looked up, there he saw Garnet and Amethyst standing there facing an awfully weird shadow.

“Yeah. We know you came for Steven. We just know it.” Amethyst said, spitting garbage at the figure.

“Amethyst is right. Steven isn´t all the powerful yet, but, when you get your hands on him you´ll use his magic for evil. You´ll just use him right up. That isn´t right. He´s only a kid. You can´t use his powers.” Garnet exclaimed. The figure just laughed. Steven didn´t know who the figure was, but, Amethyst did, same with Garnet.

Pearl ran up the stairs with 3 swords in her hand, one belonging to Rose Quartz. “I don´t want to do this, but, we can´t let you hurt Rose.” Steven rolled his eyes. That was one of the many nicknames he had.

“Listen. You MAY have think I´ve changed, you got it all wrong. I was trying to act as good as possible so I could kidnap Dirt Bomb and take him and use his powers, but not for evil. I cannot state why I need his powers, just, give him to me!” The figure laughed,

“NEVER!” Garnet yelled, “You can´t have Steven. You´re going to use the powers for something that will harm us. Even if it doesn´t affect anything, it still hurts Steven from taking his powers. You´re basically taking his life. He doesn´t have enough power. Just, use my powers instead!” Garnet shouted once more. The gems were in shock.

“Gladly!” The figure gave an evil laugh and swooped Garnet in her arms. Pearl ran behind the figure and slashed her with a sword. She yelped in pain and fell to the floor.



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