Social Experiment Fail = Late Night Fun

So, I was trying to go to a “Find Da Whun” thing dressed up as a “newb” (which is highly stereotypical) but found that nobody really cared. xD It seems that if you don’t act rude as a “newb” then nobody’s gonna be rude to you (or at least in my experience).  So… message to people who start playing Fantage: Be nice! And to those who’ve been playing for a while: Be welcoming! 🙂

Anyways, I was originally trying to see if anyone would talk to me or whatever (so original cuz nobody ever does these social experiment things).  xP  And it didn’t really do much; the “Find Da Whun” became more of a hangout sooo… I guess I had fun.

In the end, I hung out with some awesome people at Star Cafe.  All was quiet until we came up with our Fantage Squad Goals. xD  And had an ice cream partayy!!  Shoutout to huskyandapuppy, sherinee, and squad_cx!  Thanks, I had a great night!  #tirednow #exhausted Here’s some pics!

Fantage 1

Fantage 3 Fantage 2

That’s all for now, lovely people!

Sayonara! ~chbannabeth1♥

P.S. Did I tell you I’m working on this blog now?  Well, now you know, so you’ll be seeing a lot more from me now!  Good luck dealing with this fabulous fangirl! xP Bye!


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