New Worker!

Hey guys! My name is Chingster3 and you might know me from Fantage Shimmer Glimmer which is my main blog.

Click here to visit my main blog!

Anyway I am honoured to be working on this blog and I know im going to have a blast with you guys! Anyway here are some facts about me:

  • I am the owner of Fantage Shimmer Glimmer, Fantage Cindy and a few other not used blogs.
  • My fantage username is Chingster3
  • My real name is Sarah
  • I like playing fantage and doing edits/recolours
  • I like Fashion Shows because I always win
  • I’m addicted to blogging and making edits/recolours

Here is a picture of my IDFone:

2015-11-15_15-10-17 2015-11-15_15-12-08

So yeah I hope you will enjoy your time with me working on this blog. Thats all for now, bye!!
~ Chingster3 ❤


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