OOO! News on Updates!

Hello guys! As I told you in one of my last posts I stated that I updated my blog, right? Well, I added a new tutorial section, I have 2 tutorials, for icons and banners. Suggest more please!

Here is the list of pages I updated so you can check them out!

  • Hidden Secrets (added how to get to the lab)!
  • Memes (added 3 new memes)!
  • Contact (added 2 new social media)!
  • Banner Shop (added banner examples)!

And the rest of pages aren’t that big of an update but I just edited it a bit to make it more organized and “mature”. Hope you like it! I also added some dividers to the sidebar and made it smaller.

Out of 10, what would you rate it? I need your feedback!



Thoughts on this post? ^^

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