Hey guys!Im back yay!!! sorry i wasnt on for like what three days? im not sure..But im glad im back! so in this post today i am showing off my coustume and an ootd also a update!

OOTD: theme:”hip”

Screenshot (2)

i really love this hair and shirt together! And the black and white shorts took me TWO years to get.#worthit


i was the marionete from FNAF.the picture is really bad because it was after trick or treating.the paint started coming off.

here is a cute story: so i was walking down the street and a little girl came up to me,then she (she was wearing a princess coustume i think elsa?) gave me so much candy and said Bonnie is mines.

Update: so my birthday is coming up and my parents got me a computer.I needed it badly because my school  had a lot of homework on the computer.So they decided to suprise me one day.I quickly asked if i could get minecraft ( i have been wanting it for two years) and they said welll okay.My username on minecraft is theduckthatmoos.

On saterday i am having a sleepover and i dont know if i can do the  meet up or not.

welp thats all i hope to do an edit later soo bye!



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