Cheer you up.

Hey guys so i just wanted to post something that will probably make you smile.
Okay so my school decided to do this project involving the zoo . and each girl in sixth grade were assigned to a animal.knowing me i asked for a lemur.because well reasons.I was set my partner was doubtful about the enrichment plan.and all of a sudden she switched classes.I was all alone.i had a very complex enrichment divice.I dindnt know what to do.i couldnt change it now.stupid i started took me two weeks and two cuts XD.but i was the first person to finish! Here is the result 😺:



Wow i named it kevin *facepalm*

Yes it might seem easy but . it wasnt.
Do not ever doubt yourself.
Always try to surpass your goals.
Never give up.
Also think of the lemurs.XD or dont
Thanks theduckthatmoos


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