Heyo people! So, I’ve noticed this for a while now but we have 40 followers! Thank you all so much! I really do appreciate it!

I was thinking I should do a Q&A because why not.

I want your opinions though. If yes, feel free to ask questions, they can’t be too personal though, sorry! xD

PicMonkey Sample5


12 thoughts on “40 FOLLOWERS!

  1. Nutella Bae says:

    Questions for you:
    1. Would you eat worms for a day if I gave you 1000000000000000 dollars?
    2. Why is your name queenminty?
    3. What inspired you to blog?
    4. How are you?
    5. Do you like NUTELLA?
    6. Do you like Nutella Bae? *Hopeful eyes*
    7. I can’t think of any more questions, lol. Ily ❤

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