Hello update! (plus ootd)

hey guys its vvviio. sorry i have not been posting.School.SCHOOL SCHOOL SCHOOL!!! ARGHH.so much home work..

anyways i just wanted to give an update:

Things that i want: I WANT A COMPUTER.i badly need one too. i have been writing on my phone and it just is really fustrating.I also want a new Computer is because i want to play minecraft so bad.YOU DONT EVEN KNOW *ehem*.XD. OMG also google fiber is going to come to my neighborhood IM SO FREAKING HYPED!!!its gonna be here around feburary.( wow i cant spell today )The computer i want is a microsoft surface 3. but its about 800 dollars.yea i dont have money soooo XD.

oh yea its almost holloween and im going to dress up as some doctor who companion,probably amy pond.

anyways here is the ootd: “my style”

Screenshot 2015-09-26 at 7.25.34 PM

here’s a funny gif:


oh wait that’s sad…


oh okay. there we go!



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