Note to FMC Readers

I am crying. You all have gave me hope and confidence in writing and continuing this blog. I couldn’t (wouldn’t) continue it if it wasn’t for the amazing people who discovered it. Thanks for all of you who support me everyday , who are caring, and many more of the wonderful traits you beautiful people have! ❤

Thank you for being there and putting a smile on my face. You guys mean the whole world to me!

I tend to grow and love a website but then I tear away from it. It’s the feeling I have about WordPress, I love it, but, I have a feeling that I’m going to neglect you guys once I start discovering new websites. I hope this doesn’t happen. Without you guys, I’m nothing. My life’s a mess, I’m a mess. I put myself in bad situations. I go on my phone to check WordPress after school and then I have a bunch of notifications from you guys! It makes me smile and none of you can put me in a bad mood!

I understand there are going to be haters along the road, but you guys will (hopefully) help me through it. I know you will. Because your the most amazing people I’ve met online. I am merely just typing a bunch of words, but trust me when I say, I mean every single thing I’m saying.

Thank you for always being there for me. You guys are my internet family, the ones I can depend. When I’m angry or upset I can just type all my problems away and you guys will help me. You guys are just too amazing. Thank you. Thank you!



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